Mikumi National Park is just 5 hours west of Dar es Salaam between the Uluguru Mountains, Rubeho Mountains, and Lumango Mountains. Mikumi is Tanzania’s fourth-largest national park and home to many of Tanzania’s most beautiful wildlife. The Mikumi Safari is the most popular safari among the volunteers as it is economic and easy to access.

Day 1: Dar es Salaam / Mikumi (-/L/D)
After having breakfast, we depart about AM 8 to make the 5-hour journey to Mikumi National Park.
Depending on traffic, the car usually gets to Mikumi in time for a half-day game ride.
Our accommodation and dinner are at Mikumi town hostels and lodges.
Upgrade to Luxury Lodge inside the Mikumi National Park for about $300 per person.

Day 2: Mikumi / Dar es Salaam (B/L/-)
After breakfast at the Camp, the car departs for the game ride.
The route within the park varies during the dry and wet seasons. Boxed lunch included.
The car will arrive around in time for dinner at Dar es Salaam.

Safari highlights:
Animals: Antelopes, Cheetahs, Crocodiles, Elephants, gazelles, giraffes, hippos, leopards, lions,
zebras, and more than 400 bird species.

2 days & 1 night – USD 620
Starts from Dar es Salaam