Josh – Canada

Business and Media intern, ,

I am studying at the university of Waterloo. I am studying arts and business and majoring in speech communication. I worked as a business management intern with Art in Tanzania during my co-op term at the university. I was pleased with the experience in Tanzania. I would say that there is a need to use more structure. As part of the project, I did English classes evening time for adults so that they could improve their verbal and written English. Also, I spent a few days a week teaching basic computer skills to the teachers. I found this as a fantastic place to gain cultural experiences and meet people from around the world. I would recommend this to people who want to improve their sense of the world and gain more experience and learn about other cultures. The team leaders seem to know people from everywhere, even Dar is such a big place. The compound uses dry toilets, and I wish they would be real toilets. Also instead of bucket showers use real showers.