Debora S

We joined Art in Tanzania program to help women and so we did, raising money to provide for their professional training and connect business women with unemployed ones to create a collective of brave and strong women ready to help each other learning and working together in the long run. Our Team Leaders Ruth and Hadija are amazing, well prepared and very helpful, we are still in touch to help the women of the community at the best of our possibilities also from far. Unfortunately since we arrived we found out the condition of the compound are poor, uncomfortable for us and for the people working there, we didn’t feel safe and felt the place has been abandoned by the NGO which charged us more then the value of the service we received. The money we gave to the NGO could have been used to improve the compound conditions, we hope this will happen although when we raised our concerns to the NGO’s director we didn’t receive much support or a concrete improvement plan. It’s for everyone’s safety that I suggest Art in Tanzania to seriously rethink and invest some of the volunteer money to improve the place before someone get hurt, and you Volunteerworld to always check associations conditions before advertising.