Art in Tanzania supports and develops village women’s initiatives. The main activities include vocational training, covering English, IT and entrepreneurship development. Women’s rights fields cover pregnant women’s right to study and domestic violence, and women’s right to inheritance. We are also advocating public health issues for the women groups. Tanzania has many young mothers in the villages with little or no education and financial support. Areas that are often heavily populated complicate the strive for livelihood and provision for these mothers and their children. Most women lack the opportunity to reach education to fund and develop small businesses.

Additionally, many of these women are under-empowered or unaware of their fundamental human rights, thus making young mothers vulnerable to abuse. Art in Tanzania focuses on teaching skills for women to start their small businesses and create markets for their products. We also educate them on women’s rights and related subjects so that women may learn their rights in problemed situations. We focus on being both innovative and effective. Work with women is underfunded, but Art in Tanzania has multi-professional interns and volunteers to assist. We use teamwork to create opportunities. For example, one can teach how to start horticulture and look for the markets. The base effort is to increase small business skills through the educational approach and awareness. In addition, we give visibility to women’s issues through social media for the general Tanzanian population.


Human rights, gender equality

Participating in NGO consortiums work to promote pregnant women’s rights to study, women’s right to an inheritance, and domestic violence issues, among others.

Vocational Education

Vocational training sessions advocating Women’s issues in English combining the advocacy and English teaching tasks. Training horticulture and other new skills for better income generation.

Local enterprise assistance

Help build entrepreneurial skills for local businesswomen such as basic accounting, organisation, and marketing, give advice and support their growth. Organise workshops and visit small businesses in the area, as well as more tribal communities further afield that are beginning to develop small enterprises. Meet the inspiring women behind them.