Marketing and Management Volunteering and Internship

The Marketing and Management, volunteering and internship program engages you to work and develop the host NGO operations in one of the fastest-developing African economies. Bring the study time achievements at university and apply them to real-world situations in Africa. Such as engaging abilities in problem-solving, teamwork, organisation, and creativity to make real change. 

In this program, you can focus on your preferred area of business-related topics, including event planning, project management, digital marketing, local enterprise assistance, management of daily operations, human resources, and budgeting and accounting. You will be allocated weekly tasks and responsibilities by team leaders and focus on individual or group projects to improve NGO operations or local business. You will also assist in the NGO’s marketing by creating social media content. Working in an exciting and encouraging environment to improve yourself and the community in which you will become participating.

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Digital Marketing

We have a powerful Social Media program; our Facebook page has 37k+ followers and up to 200-400k monthly reach. Our Social Media is a powerful advocative tool. Tasks include website development and blog writing, social media content creation including photography and video production, google analytics and SEO market research, marketing plan development, and safari and tours promotion.

Our WEB pages need constant development as well.

NGO management

Become an NGO team leader on the compound. Monitor interns’ weekly plans and reports of other interns. Solve human resource-related issues and assist in project management teams. Develop long-term goals and new approaches to problems. Organise team meetings and assist in NGO financing and accounting. Assist in grant application work.

So much to do, and the results are instant.

Local enterprise assistance

Help build entrepreneurial skills for local businesswomen such as basic accounting, organisation, and marketing, give advice and support their growth. Organise workshops and visit small businesses in the area, as well as more tribal communities further afield that are beginning to develop small enterprises. Meet the inspiring women behind the Women groups.

Combine the social aspect and business in your daily tasks.

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