Welcome to Art in Tanzania! 

We are a Tanzanian Non-Governmental organisation also registered in Finland. Our mission is to develop self-sustainable community work. We empower communities to be self-sufficient through income-generating activities. We assist community institutions such as schools in performing at higher standards. We are located in Madale Village in the Dar es Salaam region. We have close ties with schools, orphanages, local businesses, and institutions, as well as personal relationships with many individuals who lead the communities.

Art in Tanzania has a 20+ professional team empowered to reach our mission; volunteers and interns assist us by bringing invaluable energy, ideas, skills, and knowledge. In addition, we offer a variety of community and NGO-focused programs for interns and volunteers to join. We perform placements such as Village education support, Human rights advocacy, medical nursing and public health, NGO management, and Environmental advocacy.

Many of our programs have been running since 1996. Our footsteps can be seen all over Tanzania. Our Facebook page has about 38k followers/likes and is well-visible and known in Tanzania.

We fund our community projects through donations and offer the opportunity to enjoy the unbelievable beauty of the country in our safari and tour packages. You can travel and encounter unforgettable wildlife, Zanzibar’s culture, and Mount Kilimanjaro’s scenery. Profits from the sale of tours go back into Tanzanian communities.

Our Vision is that operating self-sustainably is the only way to implement long-term results.

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