African Safaris and Tours in Tanzania


Art in Tanzania offers a range of African safaris and tour packages for volunteers, interns, and tourists who want to travel across Tanzania and explore and discover the country’s breathtaking beauty. So climb up the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro or dive in the sapphire blue waters of Zanzibar and witness the sunrise over the horizon on the Serengeti. So travel with us for an adventure of a lifetime. Our friendly and welcoming local guides lead all Art in Tanzania experiences, offering authentic and personal service and providing high knowledge and insight into African nature and life. 

Our Sustainable African Safaris and Tours are an NGO fundraising effort to empower the development work we perform in poor society communities.

Contact us with your travel plans and destinations you would like to explore; we will tailor the trip according to your budget to book our year-round tours and trips across Tanzania. We offer both luxury and discount tours to cater to your specifications. Safaris and tours provided by our NGO massively support our mission, as profits help fund the many community projects we perform. So, as you enjoy the beauty of Tanzania, you also empower local people. Read our blogs and about us page for more details on the community-focused programs we are engaged in and our mission to improve the lives of Tanzanian people. 

Coral Island trip. Art in Tanzania International volunteer internship travel in Africa. Dar es Salaam Marine Park

Dar es Salaam Marine Park Coral Islands Adventure

Dar es Salaam Coral Island Marina Park trip is a popular one-day activity. You can swim, snorkel, study the corals and enjoy the beach.

Dar es Salaam markets. Art in Tanzania International volunteer internship travel in Africa.

Explore and adventure Dar es Salaam Markets

Dar es Salaam market half-day trip is an excellent way to find souvenirs. We pass by the wet market, Makonde tribal carving and world-famous Tinga Tinga painters market.

Sustainable tourism

Forest Bird Watching Adventure

Pande Game Reserve and Pugu Hill Forest Reserve are excellent destinations for people interested in bird watching. In addition, Pande Game Reserve is part of the Eastern Arc / Coastal Forest Biodiversity Hotspot, one of the world’s highest-priority areas for biodiversity conservation.

Serengeti safari Tanzania. Art in Tanzania International volunteer internship travel in Africa.

Mikumi Safari Adventure

Mikumi National Park African safari is just 5 hours west of Dar es Salaam and thus, easy access and economical, it is the volunteer's favourite weekend safari.

Volunteer and tourist safaris and tours in Tanzania Africa

Mikumi Safari & Udzungwa Rain Forest

Exiting Mikumi National park safari extended with the Udzungwa rainforest and waterfalls trek. Udzungw is an evergreen forest with primates on tree tops and scenic waterfalls.

Leopard on Tanzania safari

Selous Game Reserve Safari Adventure

Selous is the largest Game Reserve in Africa and a World Heritage site. This safari is very popular among the volunteers.

Great migration Serengeti

Serengeti N'gorongoro Great Migration Safari Adventure

African safari and tours at Serengeti National Park are widely regarded as Africa's best wildlife reserve due to their predators and prey density. It is also to follow the Great Migration of antelopes, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Mt. Kilimanjaro climb in Africa

Mt Kilimanjaro Climb Once in a Life-Time Experience

A favourite once in a lifetime experience for our volunteers.

Kilimanjaro rainforest trek

One Day Kilimanjaro Rain Forest trek

The Kilimanjaro Rain Forest trek is an additional activity for your safari. You get to experience dense rainforest fauna, waterfalls and Mchacha tribal customs in banana and coffee plantations.

Zanzibar weekend trip. Art in Tanzania International volunteer internship travel in Africa.Volunteer and tourist safaris and tours in Tanzania Africa

Zanzibar Weekend Tour

Popular volunteer expended weekend activity—one day in historic stone town and two nights at a beach resort.

Dolphine swimming trip Zanzibar. Art in Tanzania International volunteer internship travel in Africa.

Zanzibar Swimming with Dolphins Adventure

A boat trip to get swimming with wild dolphins at the East coast of Zanzibar. This trip is an optional activity when you take Zanzibar weekend trip or enjoy Zanzibar beach holidays.

Prison Island tour Zanzibar

Prison Island and Sandback trip in Zanzibar

A great add-on activity when you have selected the Zanzibar weekend tour. Visit historic prison island having giant tortoises—Thereon sandbank swimming and snorkelling.

Sustainable tourism

Zanzibar Wildlife

NEW! Enjoy wonderful Zanzibar nature. Visit Prison Island and snorkel at sand bank, Swim with the wild dolphins, Roan at Jozania Forest watching primates and visit butterfly garden,. At Stone town we go for museums and markets and visit spice farms.

Sustainable safaris

Ruaha Safari Super Adventure

Ruaha National Park may be far away from Dar es Salaam but it is really worth while to visit.

Sustainable tourism in Africa

Tarangire - Serengeti - N'gorongoro Safari

This three national parks safari takes you to all the best wildlife areas in Northern Tanzania

Josafani Forest trip Zanzibar weekend trip

Jozani Forest and Butterfly Garden Adventure

Josafani Forest and Butterfly garden trips can be done together with the Dolphine swimming trip but also without it. This adds activity when you have selected the Zanzibar weekend trip.

Join our safaris and trips and support the development of African communities. Contatti for more information