Art in Tanzania’s Environmental Advocacy volunteer internship program encourages students to engage in sustainable community work, raise awareness of the environment and climate change, and be innovative in developing practical solutions to combat environmental concerns. Bring skills and knowledge you have built during your time at university and apply it to real-world situations; develop and apply skills such as problem solving, teamwork, organisation, and creativity. You can focus on different areas of environmental advocacy and tasks you are most passionate about. For example, your duties may include waste management and recycling, corporate social responsibility, education in schools and community members, planting trees and garden creation with orphanages, and food security. You will be allocated tasks and responsibilities by team leaders and focus on individual or group projects.



Visit community schools to raise awareness on environmental issues, and prepare presentations and classes. Currently, climate change and ecological damage are not widely known and are working to counter this.

Waste management

Waste management is poor in Tanzania. Work to help improve this, work with corporations initiating sustainable recycling and waste management approaches, and develop solutions for yourself. Currently, we are working on establishing our compound as a community pick-up point for plastic bottles.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Engage with existing corporate partners of Art in Tanzania and involve new companies in environmentally responsible campaigns, advocating responsible actions by local and international companies.