Art in Tanzania is working to develop youth football by assisting talent development of a Football Academy. Football is the national sport in Tanzania, and there is enormous potential for young talented boys and girls. However, lacking capacities makes it hard to produce professional football players. This program is a joint effort with our partner Briessfull Stars Organization of retired top Tanzanian football professionals and 7Elity Academy from Utah USA, which also has branches in the UK and South Africa and with connections to top world football clubs. We look for interns and volunteers to join and assist in coaching, ball, and physical training activities. Also, to advocate for young players the importance of good nutrition, hygiene, and other public health issues. Participants also assist in the village and school sports activities. Please help make a considerable difference in the lives of the young football players in Tanzania and encourage them to reach incredible heights.


Football Coaching

Coach the football academy players, teach them tactics and formations, inspire them and help lead the team, play with them and teach them new skills, and support at training and matches.

Health issues awareness

Advocate young players on the importance of good nutrition, hygiene, and other public health issues, educate them on topics that will improve their health and allow them to reach more significant potential.

Village and school sports

Get involved with local schools to assist and organise sports, such as athletics competitions, football matches, and tennis; you will bring great joy and excitement to the young people you engage.