volunteering and internship in Africa

Art in Tanzania has been performing African volunteering and internship programs in Tanzania since 1996. We commonly have 15-40 participants at our compound at Madale Village all year round. In addition, we work with 400+ universities throughout the world. Our participants are from all age groups.

Participating in our community programs helps Africa develop, giving you a life-lasting experience, making new friends, and encountering the beauty of African nature: application form and ask for more information.

Children under school age volunteering and internship

Volunteer and  Internship Africa programs

Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa

NGO Management

Help Art in Tanzania NGO to manage community programs of 15-40 students present from around the world, from over 400 universities that we cooperate with and who represent a variety of professions. You can attend multiple programs together with your fellow participants.

Village Education volunteering in Tanzania. Art in Tanzania International volunteer internship travel in Africa.

Environmental Advocacy

Art in Tanzania's Environmental Advocacy internship encourages students to engage in sustainable community work, raise awareness of the environment and climate change, and be innovative in developing practical solutions to combat environmental concerns.

Vocational training in Africa

Women's Development

Art in Tanzania supports and develops village women's initiatives. The main activities are vocational training, including English, IT, entrepreneurship, women's rights, public health and related subjects—a unique experience to work to empower women in Africa.

Medical volunteering in Africa

Medical Nursing and Public Health

Art in Tanzania helps the operations of small community clinics, large hospitals and Public Health Programs. You greatly assist in empowering the healthcare in Tanzania

Human Rights Africa

Human Rights

The program focuses on protecting and advocating children's, women's, and disabled people's rights, covering topics such as child marriage, gender equality, and the right to education. Bring your initiatives to practice.

Tree planting Africa

Climate Change

We work to evaluate and bring solutions to Africa's climate change adjustment issues. Advocate at the schools and communities and get the solutions to practise.

Disaster Management internship in Africa

Disaster Management

African countries face several disaster risks due to climate change and industrial pollution risks. You help to advocate and train the local communities to recognize the disaster risk and bring solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility internship

Corporate Social Responsibility

Join to engage the corporate sector to protect and advocate children's, women's, and disabled people's rights, covering social issues such as child marriage, gender equality, and the right to education.

Education volunteering and internship in Africa

Village Education

Join to empower educational programs in the village nurseries and primary and secondary schools and run adult vocational training activities. In Tanzania, your assistance with education can make an instant difference.

Vocational training in Africa

Marketing and Management

The Marketing and Management program assists Art in Tanzania to develop and grow. You engage the daily marketing and management and encounter one of the fastest-developing economies in Africa.

Physiotherapy internship in Africa


We support village dispensaries and larger hospitals to conduct physiotherapy care for the community. You would work alongside local professionals to provide much-needed assistance. You can also join working with the football as a sports physiotherapist.

Volunteer and tourist safaris and tours in Tanzania Africa

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism in Tanzania is an essential part of the national economy. It has the potential to bring significant revenues to local people, and it accounts for over 10% of the nation's GDP. In addition, Art in Tanzania safaris and tours are essential fundraisings to empower our NGO community work.

Pharmacy internship in Africa


We support the local village and large pharmacies in the Dar es Salaam region to develop high-quality pharmaceutical care for the communities. In addition, you assist in developing daily pharmacy activities and bring modern western medical skills.

Community psychology in Africa

Community Psychology

You help in community psychology tasks in the schools, women's groups, corporate sector, disabled children care centres, drug addiction and other charges. In addition, professional psychological care needs you to empower the care in impoverished societies.

Corporate Social Responsibility volunteering in Tanzania. Art in Tanzania International volunteer internship travel in Africa.

Children Under School Age

Art in Tanzania empowers early education training in orphanages and nursery schools. We focus on low-income families to help their children join affordable and quality education. Join to enable children's rights to stay safe and flourish.

Sports Volunteering in Africa

African Youth Football Academy

Art in Tanzania is working to develop youth football by assisting talent development at the village level and through Football Academy programs.

African film production internship

Film and Photography

Art in Tanzania's Media internship allows students to develop their photography or filmmaking skills in Tanzania. Help our work in social media and film production.

Gerontology volunteering


Art in Tanzania is helping the older people care in the village societies. The work focuses on social every day assistance and public health issues—your participation in essential to support the facilitation of the program.

International relations Africa

International Relations Internship in Africa

Art in Tanzania International Relations Africa program focus is in advocacy work about multiple development issues. We want to open up the complexity of development work to common Tanzanian people.