Gerontology Africa Internship and Volunteering

Art in Tanzania’s gerontology interns develop services for the elderly in the African village. Students learn how to apply knowledge and skills built at university to create economic conditions, gain hands-on practical experience, and help contribute to real social improvement. The current situation in Tanzania is concerning; despite older people being culturally highly appreciated, the nation lacks social services for the elderly. Better medical care, nutrition, and living conditions have resulted in people living longer, and consequently, public health institutions do not have funding or adequate care for the ageing population. Therefore, there is an urgent need to provide essential supportive services, especially for low-income families. Gerontology interns will support the elder community by performing tasks such as conducting health checks, physiotherapy training and exercises, advocating public health topics such as common elderly illnesses and nutrition, organising daily tasks, and creating daily hobbies and other mentally empowering activities. We also encourage interns to be innovative and bring their ideas to strengthen the fieldwork Art in Tanzania completes. Contact us for more information.

Gerontology Africa – Health Conditions

Work with professionals, apply your knowledge and skills to practical situations, engage with patients, give advice and support, do physiotherapy training and exercises, and conduct health checks. This focus works together with the Medical sector placements.

Gerontology Africa -Public Health Awareness

Advocate the importance of good nutrition, hygiene, and other public health issues, and raise awareness for common elderly illnesses.

Gerontology Africa -Individual Elderly Work

Work closely with elderly members of the local community, give advice and support, create daily hobbies and other mentally empowering activities, provide support, comfort, and kindness, offer medical advice, and learn incredible things from people who have lived longer than in Tanzania. Itself!


Volunteer and intern in elder people support tasks. Fill in the application form.