Art in Tanzania Compound

Art in Tanzania compound for the volunteers and interns is located at Umoja Road, Block 2Q, Madale Village, P.O. Box 23333, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Madale -6.672045, 39.144231 and 6.40’19.4″S – 39″08″39.2″E

Our compound is an eco-compound where we use composting dry toilets to introduce them to Tanzanian households. Some 75% of the families in Tanzania lack proper sanitation, and flush toilets are difficult to use due to a lack of water connections and being expensive to invest in and maintain. We use composting for organic waste, collect urine and shower water and use it as “grey water” for garden irrigation. Showers are bucket showers to save water as it is not available in large volumes in Tanzania.

We have about 50 beds available in single, double and dormitory rooms. Our office area has unlimited WIFI available. The large beautiful garden area has a bar to enjoy and an African kitchen serving a mix of African and Western meals at the garden.

Below are some compound photos. Contact us for more information.

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