Sustainable Tourism Volunteering and Internship

Tourism in Tanzania is an essential part of the national economy. It can potentially bring significant revenues to local people, accounting for over 10% of the nation’s GDP. However, safaris and packages are commonly performed by tour agents in Western countries, meaning only a part of the money comes to Tanzania and supports the local economy. 

Typically, villages around famous National Parks are the poorest of the poor. Art in Tanzania looks to set itself apart from the crowd regarding safari and tour business by offering sustainable travel options; profit from our tours comes to Tanzania and is used to support the Tanzanian economy and community development activities. As an intern in sustainable tourism, you will help develop the tour programs and guide, provide customer service, and market our tours and safaris. In addition, your marketing efforts will give visibility to the sustainable status of our tours and safaris. Our marketing is mainly social media-based, but we also develop networking to reach our target groups worldwide and gain more visibility.

Art in Tanzania, sustainable tour operations, takes clients to the national parks and game reserves such as Serengeti, N’gorongoro, Lake Manyara, Selous, Mikumi, and Ruaha. We also take tourists to Mt Kilimanjaro and the Zanzibar Islands. In addition, we have developed several one-day trips such as bird watching, sports, music, Zanzibar activities, and Coral Islands trips. Contact us for more information or apply to the program.

Sustainable Tourism and Hostelry Management

Work with our team to help manage tour programs, create trip itineraries, assist in customer service, and research tours and packages.

Please assist us in developing networks with international tour agents and engage with our local guides and volunteer hostel management and operations.

Sustainable Tourism Marketing

Art in Tanzania can differentiate itself from standard tour operators as our tours have been fundraising for our community work since 1996. Therefore we must highlight that our trips help the local community development in Tanzania.

We have a powerful Social Media program; our Facebook page has 37k+ followers and 200-400k monthly reach. Our media is a powerful advocative nad marketing tool.

You assist us in website development, blog writing, and social media content creation. Content can include photography and video production, google analytics and SEO market research, and marketing plan development. Additionally, we target effective safari and tour promotion.


Developing Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Tour Trips

Art in Tanzania offers many trip options, including one-day trips such as coral island trips, bird watching, etc. In Tanzania, there are abundant possibilities for creating fabulous trips and tours.  You are working with us to develop new trips and improve the existing ones.


To get involved as a volunteer or intern, please fill in the application form