Corporate Social Responsibility Volunteering and Internship

Art in Tanzania’s Corporate Social Responsibility program focuses on establishing and maintaining relationships with companies to encourage greater social and environmental responsibility. Interns conduct research and identify opportunities that we can create for both local and international companies to engage in CSR, developing an understanding of their current business model and determining if they are creating negative social impacts. We use the information plan new approaches like involving  Colgate in an oral hygiene campaign for African children or TWIGA Cement Factory in a tree planting campaign. As Tanzania is a rapidly growing economy, considerable business action and investment exist. However, a lack of strictly imposed regulations currently means corporations can exploit the environment and societies they interact. Art in Tanzania’s Corporate Social Responsibility internship aims to reduce this impact. Education in local schools is also essential in raising awareness of the negative impact companies can have. Engage skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, organisation, and creativity and create real change. Contact us for more information.

Engagement with Corporations

Work with existing partners of Art in Tanzania and involve new companies in socially and environmentally responsible campaigns, join meetings with senior members of companies and work with them to plan new campaigns and be an advocate for Art in Tanzania.

Education and CSR

Work in local schools to deliver presentations on CSR topics, raise awareness of threats caused by corporations, and inspire the next generation to create a better future. We are organising school educational days, such as tree planting, nature walks and debates.

Environmental Advocacy

Work with the environmental team and interns from the ecological advocacy and climate change programs, assist in larger-scale projects such as building a vegetable garden for an orphanage to provide better food security. Train the corporate staff about importance of environmental protection.

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