Probably the first thing you will notice is that our interns have different nationalities, which provides you with international community life. It is fascinating to network with people from other countries and professions.

Due to being in a different country and having the opportunity to meet people with different life experiences and opinions, you will grow on a personal level, learn to be more responsible and independent, and improve your social skills, leadership skills and creativity.

Working at an NGO, in general, broadens your horizon, experiences the local way of life and enables you to contribute to the growth and development of a community.

On the other hand, working at an NGO looks good on your CV and will also provide different growth opportunities in your respective professions.

The Benefits and Perks are as follows:
• Accommodation with breakfast and dinner is USD 175 per week is a personal expense. However, the cost drops to USD 125 per week after the first 13 weeks.
• Airport transfers from and to is USD 120 is a personal expense
• Charity VISA USD 50 is a personal expense. 3-6 months charity VISA is USD 250 and 12 months one USD 500.
• We pay a USD 100 per month stipend to you. It is small but 2x Tanzania’s national minimum wage. The minimum participation time is four weeks for the stipend.
• Flights are a personal expense

The Tanzanian government requires you to have a student or a volunteer VISA for your program. You can apply for an E-VISA online or get an emergency VISA at the last minute at the airport. We recommend organizing one online to save time and prevent possible delays at the airport. You need our NGO invitation letter and a copy of the NGO registration certificate for both VISA types.

You need relatively little money as the accommodation includes breakfast and dinner. Maybe you can count around USD 10 per day for personal expenses. It is easy to use your credit cards when in Tanzania.

Art in Tanzania is self-sufficient. We fund our daily operations by selling safaris and trips that we offer to tourists and interns. Part of the accommodation fees we charge also contribute to our operational costs.

Generally, we do not donate money to the entities or persons we help. We believe assisting the community to become self-sustainable is more beneficial. Donating money/cash overall is not a proper development tool and can cause corruption.

Overall, Tanzania is a very safe country. The village where we work has known us since 1996.
We employ a third-party security guard at night.

You do not need to bring too much. A laptop and smartphone are good for getting to work. Volunteers have made a comprehensive list that we do not recommend to follow but to give you an idea of what you may need.

Consult your doctor at least two months before your arrival to determine which ones you need. If you have valid standard western vaccinations, you do not need additional shots.
Airlines advise COVID policies, and Tanzania follows the WHO terms. You may consider using malaria prevention.

Secondhand sportswear like footballs, running shoes, and general clothes, are much needed.
Community schools usually miss school bags and simple English books . Stationies are low cost in Tanzania so if you wish to donate better to purchase in Dar es Salaam.

Yes, beds have with mosquito nets.

We do provide bedsheets, but bring your towels or buy them here.

During weekday evenings, we relax and enjoy the life and atmosphere of Tanzania. We socialize by playing games, going out for meals, visiting the Indian Ocen beach, and having great conversations.

Weekends are free time to explore Tanzania. We do a range of activities such as visiting the city centre and nearby attractions, exploring the nightlife, and taking trips to Zanzibar or Tanzania’s beautiful national parks.

Upon arrival in Tanzania, you can buy a Tanzanian SIM card at a Vodacom store close to the compound. The SIM card costs 5000 TSH (approx. USD 2), and you can choose to add different kinds of bundles.

The food is very good, It is mix of African and Western tastes. Vegetarian option available.

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