Mzuka Records international tour

Flyer for Tanzanight in KorjaamoThe Art in Tanzania Music Tour of Ethiopia and Finland included two great concerts. One at Korjaamo Club in Helsinki and the other at Tampere Club in Tampere as well as participation for two festivals in Helsinki.
We used a stay of three weeks in Ethiopia to rehearse, prepare and then perform at some local venues as well as the Tanzanian embassy.

In Finland the first show at Korjaamo club was profesionally filmed and broadcast live on 16 channels.

The tour then moved on to Tampere an industrial town in Finland. There was a full house at the Tampere club. The biggest cheers of the night were for the traditional Tanzanian drumming, who's intense and energetic rhythms were a new experience for the Finnish audience.

The artists included:

  • Tanzanian hip hop artist Dudu Baya & Benjamin Mambo Jambo
  • Traditional African drumming and dancing group Sanaa Sana
  • Tanzanian singer song writer Andrew Ashimba
  • Top finnish musicians: Teho Majamäki, Hulkkoset & Juho Viljanen
  • Miikka Mwamba behind the mixing table

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