Coloring of Mwandaliwa Orphanage

Paint, check. Brushes, check. Twelve volunteers from Bahari Beach who are willing to paint Mwandaliwa Islamic Orphanage's school with bright colors, check!

"First we decorated the interiors of the school but then we thought that why to stop there and we decided that the school needs a paintjob.", Bethan Frisby and Madeline Wilkinson explained as the volunteers were finishing the paintjob on 19th of May.

Miss Frisby and Miss Wilkinson are volunteering at Mwandaliwa as teachers since the permanent teacher decided to quit there.

"Also, the manager of Mwandaliwa Orphanage is trying to open to school for other children, outside of orphanage", Miss Frisby, originally from Surrey, UK, explains.

"Yeah, I think the manager wants to give something back to the local community since they help the orphanage all the time.", continues Miss Wilkinson from Sydney, Australia.

And the paintjob helps the neighborhood to notice the school that currently has only 13 students from the orphanage.

"We also want to say that we really appriciate all the help we got from other volunteers who do not even work at the orphanage. The painting is succeeding much more quickly this way.", girls thank.

One of the team leaders, Alison Gemgnani from

USA, appriciated greatly volunteers' pro-activivity.

"It is good if you are helping the local communities but it is great if you take the initiative. By that I mean that if you see a need and you are progressive and active enough to do something about as Miss Frisby and Miss Wilkinson were. I think that way you get more out of your volunteering time.", she explains.

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