Mesmerized by the Lion King

Children at Mwandaliwa Islamic Orphanage were in a for real treat when volunteers Heidi Lindeman, 21, from Finland and Pia Marker, 20, from Austria decided to show the Disney classic Lion King to them.

“We had heard the children talking about it. Even though they obviously had not seen they seemed to have some conception about the movie.”, they recall

Lindeman and Marker gathered all the children to the room where they usually study or pray. Mwandaliwa Islamic Orphanage is a home for 50 children aged between two and 16.

Soon the room was filled to the rim with intense pairs of eyes staring at the screen of laptop which Lindeman and Marker brought there. Despite the sound problem – one and only speaker would not work so well and it rained outside – children were mesmerized by the adventures of Simba and his friend, Timon and Pumba.

As Lindeman pointed out they knew the concept of Lion King. Both she and Marker noticed when children recognized characters such Scar, the main villain or Rafiki, the wise mentor of Simba.

“They’re reaction to the movie something completely opposite how western children would react to a movie or a laptop. Some of them just stared as it was something out of this world.”, Lindeman recalls the situation.

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