Busara - The greatest African music festival

Sauti za Busara is an African music festival that attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually. As Art in Tanzania is active in Zanzibar, where Sauti za Busara is held every February, it was only natural that Art in Tanzania would cover the festival. Many volunteers and interns enjoyed the festival with gusto.

Talk of the town, the most anticipated artist of the whole festival was without a doubt Twanga Pepeta. Shadyah Rowland from Tanzania was waiting for that group, their music, their dancing and their show with great excitement.

“I admire them. The way they sing and dance is just beautiful.” she said.

Mary Omary from Dar es Salaam agreed with Rowland.

“I like their songs and all in all they are a very entertaining group.”

Moza J. Dihule, Augustinu Faustine and Christian James also agreed.

“We are very fond of Twanga Pepeta's dancing. Their Congolese musical influences bring something special to their act.”

Twanga Pepeta was the last performer of the festival and you could feel how excitement was rising on Sunday evening. When they came on stage the crowd went completely wild. Twanga Pepeta lead this huge mass of dancing people who were all in one unity, under one sky, the sky of Zanzibar.

Art in Tanzania was proud to be part of the Busara festival 2011.

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