Juho Malanin - Intern

Laid back work ethics

Juho relaxes on Bahari BeachJuho Malanin studies in Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences. He has been in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, for two weeks now and he has noticed that the biggest advantage of Art in Tanzania’s (AIT) internship is the freedom of choice. He is working on a project that is a product of his own creativity.

The first two weeks have been mostly planning." Malanin says. Tanzania’s tropical climate forces one to be laid back and not to worry. With day time temperatures over thirty degrees celsius no one moves around quickly in Tanzania and the working pace is much slower than in Europe.

Art in Tanzania’s teamleaders help you with matters of everyday life. They have been very helpful, I have to say.

There is a popular restaurant called Mchuno’s just across the road where the volunteers and interns of AIT often hang out in the evening. There are also lots of little shops around Bahari Beach where Malanin stays. Art in Tanzania’s internship includes breakfast and dinner but one always tends to need something extra from the shops.

I guess you could say that everything essential is located within walking distance.” Is Malanin's evaluation of the local area.

Target: Kilimanjaro

“At the beginning of my internship I decided that I wanted to travel around Tanzania. Personally what I find the most intriguing is Mount Kilimanjaro.” Malanin has also travelled in Asia and exotic nature fascinates him. “In Tanzania I would also love to see Zanzibar and rain forests.”

Travelling is connected to the graduation thesis that Malanin is currently working on. His intention is to make a presentation film about the nature, people and culture of Tanzania as well as Art in Tanzania's projects.

“When I talked to Korhonen, he said that AIT could have use for that kind of film on their website.” Malanin refers to Art in Tanzania's Director, Kari Korhonen.

Petty annoyances

Pickpockets and casual theft can be a problem in Bahari Beach as everywhere in Tanzania. Valuables such as cameras or money should not be flashed around in public. Despite this Malanin feels that Bahari Beach is a safe environment.

"Just keep your cell phone, laptop and large amounts of money hidden away.”

He also recommends that when you are traveling by plane you really need to keep the most important items in hand baggage. Airline companies can lose bags sometimes.

“At least one thing is certain. If you are going to do your internship here the whole experience will be tremendously different to any European country.”

Even though interns enjoy great freedom while they work for AIT with great freedom comes great responsibility.

“You do need to go out and actively look for opportunities."

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