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Volunteer with arts in TanzaniaMediaPromotions of our Art Projects through the effective use of Media. IncludingSocial Media and Local Media (Fiesta Magazine). Should have prior experience using Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, YouTube, Etc. You can also participate in UNICEF Children Agenda Media operations where Art in Tanzania is the lead NGO.

Movie Making & Editing -  Prior experience using Final Cut Pro and Adobe editing software as professional movie cameras and passion for making movies needed. AIT produces full movies, documentaries, and music videos. We have a local Tanzanian team who is eager to learn more and yourself you can get great experience in the movie industry in Africa. Tanzania is presently the second after Nigeria in African Movie business. 

Music - Prior experience of working with musicians, music production, composing, PA engineering is a benefit. You will be working at our music recording studio, the Mzuka Records. You will attend shows and rehearsals of our artists, produce music videos and teach music in the schools as well as for our Tanzanian artists.

Dance - Work with our traditional African dancers, create choreography, teach dancing in the schools and participate in the Community Arts Programs.

Photography - Document the current community programs for the marketing team and to produce Social Media articles.

Theatre & Performance - Join the existing Tanzanian performance groups of the traditional drum -  dance drama telling.


Art placements are tailored to the skills and interests of each individual participant, in the case of interns; we combine the education requirements of each University and the needs of the NGO (Art In Tanzania).art volunteering in Tanzania Africa


The participants will be working as part of the Art In Tanzania (AIT) under the Art Initiative umbrella. AIT is experiencing a period of rapid growth, thus we welcome all types of Art participants to make an impact and difference in the community.


Placements for Art Sector are mainly focused at our Dar es Salaam (Headquarters)  location, as this is where Mzuka Records recording studio is located, Fiesta Magazine is produced and all film production is done in and around Dar. Placements are typically 1 to 6 months but can also be adjusted for individual programs.


See the Mzuka Records pages for more information. You can also view Art in Tanzania music videos on YouTube.

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Fair Trade Program

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