Environment & Sustainable Development

Volunteer with sustainable development program in AfricaLocation: Dar es Salaam, Moshi, Zanzibar

Conservation – There are several opportunities to help develop conservation efforts in Tanzania from practical work in tree nurseries, gardening, composting, recycling, beach and neighborhood cleaning as well as helping our organization to plan and develop more demanding environmental programs.

Eco-tourism – our organization is developing new eco-tourism opportunities together with forest reserves, national parks, and local communities. Participants can help with planning, designing tours, practical operations, marketing, and fundraising.

Environmental education and awareness– participants in this part of the program can help to develop and conduct environmental clubs in primary and secondary schools, organize environmental events and work together with women's groups.

Research – There are good opportunities to do research on environmental and conservation or eco-tourism topics. We are in need of basic designing surveys, data collection, analysis, and report writing.

Ecological building – This is a new area for our organization and we need participants that can help us to bring ecological building practices and techniques as part of the local building culture. In our new Dar es Salaam volunteer sustainable development volunteercompound, we are starting to build first plastic bottle houses in early summer 2014. Our dry toilet program has already constructed a few dry toilets and we'll continue to build more in local communities.

You can participate in Dar es Salaam (Headquarters), Moshi (Kilimanjaro) and Zanzibar. Each location will provide a unique experience while operating under an NGO in Tanzania. Placements are typically 1 to 6 months but can also be adjusted for individual programs.

Environmental placements are tailored to the skills and interests of each individual participant and in case of interns the education requirements of each University and the needs of the NGO (Art In Tanzania). There are placements for both unskilled and skilled volunteers and interns.

The participants will be working as part of the Art in Tanzania environmental team or/and possible partner organization team.

An in-country Coordinator is available to assist the participant from the first day of arrival until the end of their participation. Upon arrival, our staff will show you around the local area, help you settle into the volunteer house and help you get started on your chosen placement. The Program Coordinator will also be the person responsible for designing the individualized placement.

Please don't expect to find the same structure, standards, and attitudes as in your home country. Also, we have many different adventure tours and cultural events to add to your stay in Africa.
A more detailed description of any individual volunteering/internship is available upon request.

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