Art in Tanzania Placements

Blackboard 1Our Community Development Projects in Tanzania give volunteers and interns great opportunities to develop their own skills and see the tangible benefits of their work in the local communities. Our projects rely upon the enthusiasm and experience of volunteers from across the world, working under the supervision of our dedicated staff.

Below a short summary of programs.

Children Under School Age; Multiple programs to help in the nursery schools, orphanages, and to advocate public in common.

Women Programs Development; Helping women and their groups to develop their income-generating programs and advocating and educating. 

Medical, Nursing, and Public Health; Practical medical placements in the dispensaries and hospitals, pharmacies, and performing Public Health programs.

Community Education Support; Assisting in the village schools

Environmental Advocacy; Advocating in the schools and the public in common about environmental issues

Climate Change Effect on Socio-Economy; Advocacy work and also research and fact-finding task.

Corporate Social Responsibility; Working in a partnership program with the Tanzanian corporates. Education, advocacy, and fieldwork. For example, running tree nurseries and planting programs.

Community Sports Development; Developing the village community youth football and sports overall. Assisting to develop talented youth football academy work together with Tanzanian footballers.

Social Media; Content production to all social media platforms. We have more than 50k followers on our Facebook pages.

Film Production; Film clips for social media, short documentaries, and participating in full movie productions.

Human Rights Advocacy; Advocating about human rights, the main focus on children and women. It the field in the schools and through social media.

Community Psychology Approach; Assisting in various programs to bring in the community psychology aspects.

Sustainable Tourism Development; Developing sustainable safari and tour options.

Marketing and Management; Marketing both the NGO and corporate operations. Mainly Social media.

Music and Dance; Participating Tanzanian bands and artists in their work and education music in the schools.

Information about specific projects our volunteers work on can be found at the Tanzania Placements document.


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