How is Site Traffic analyzed in cPanel?

The constant monitoring of your website is of utmost importance once you have created it, and on a regular basis. You may do this with a number of ways. One, you may make use of a software that can monitor your site. Two, you may hire an external technical expert to monitor it for you. Three, you can always check the traffic on your website yourself; it is a very quick and easy process to gauge the traffic statistics and in fact the best option as you would generally pick up on something which a third party might have not been able to.

Further, as long as you can access the cPanel of your websites, the traffic statistics on your website can be analysed directly with ease. Managed Data Center – Reasons Why You Must Have Low Latency Trading Colocation All you need to do is login into the first page of your cPanel, usually youw would key in your domain web address with a forward slash ‘/' and put cPanel thereafter. After you have set up your hosting, use your user name and password as provided by your host. Once you see the cPanel page, click ‘Awstats' in the Logs section to open it. Then click the ‘View' icon to look at the statistics which will appear thereafter. Now you can view a summary of the traffic for the month, including the bar diagram. There is also a breakdown of your statistics given at the bottom of the page, which can be viewed daily. This way, you can easily analyse the functionality of your website and hence, the traffic examination.

The traffic statistics can be easily checked against any PPC or article campaign that you may be running with comprehensive details thereon. Your cPanel can provide much more information than you actually need; nothing less than a repository of great information. You might have to invest some time in understanding the number of features of your cPanel but which will pay you off handsomely in the later stage. In the ‘Fantastico' folder inside cPanel, you may also find many programs with different functions. You would be amazed to know that cPanel also enables you to install a wordpress blog on your website automatically.

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