Environmental Sustainability (2)

Composting toilets


Art in Tanzania is implementing environmentally friendly solutions for the Tanzanian communities as the use of dry toilets, composting and household water reuse. We also focus on eco-construction and planting bamboo. We also emphasize sustainable tourism operations.

Tanzanian communities are lacking economical strength to implement environmentally friendly solutions in their households. Presently less than 50% of the households have a toilet. Interns are developing sustainable and affordable solutions including a dry toilet for households and schools. Presently most of the Tanzanian schools lack of proper sanitation and there is a big demand for affordable household sanitation as the flush toilets are too expensive to invest and use for most of the population.

Other green work includes developing composts, sustainable sources for cooking heat, development of tree and bamboo nurseries as well as neighborhood education and advocacy.

A local source of funding and sustainability for Art in Tanzania are wildlife safari and other tourism operations. We are developing an NGO business model to streamline revenue back into communities.



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