Art Therapy Program

Art therapy AfricaArt therapy is a form of therapy that can be used to improve the mental health and well-being of anyone. As with most therapies, art therapy is generally used as a treatment for something – as a way to improve one’s emotional state or mental well-being, but expressive arts therapy can be used to relieve stress or tension, or it can be used as a mode of self-discovery and waking up creativity.

Art therapy africa

Arts Therapy in Practice 

Tanzania is mostly missing therapeutic programs at school, community and clinic level. Art in Tanzania is looking for to develop therapy activities at the community level. We are much dependent on students and volunteers' help. 

art therapy tanzaniaLocation: Madale village, Northern Dar es Salaam

Duration: minimum of 2 weeks

Program cost:  Program does not include any fees. Using the student compounds the cost is USD 140 per week with breakfast and dinners are USD 5 per day. Less than 3 months programs we can use Business license that you pay at arrival to the immigration being USD 250.

Location: Dar es Salaam at Madale village



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