Rubanda Nursery & Primary School

Project Summary

Rubanda Primary School was started in 1968. It has 505 kids for both nursery and primary levels. 35 of these kids are orphans whose parents died of HIV. Their age range is 5-14 years; that is 5-6 years for nursery school and 7-14 for primary school. This is a government school and therefore they follow a structure of learning standards. It has 9 class rooms from nursery to standard seven with 8 teachers. As to subjects taught; English, Math’s, Science, Geography and History are the main taught subjects. Many of these subjects are taught in Kiswahili. The school is situated at a ….minute walk from the volunteer house.


As many of the subjects are taught in Kiswahili, you will mainly teach English, either assisting the teacher or giving your own class, but any help that you can offer with basic Math’s or Geography would be appreciated. Volunteers need to be motivated to plan and create new lessons as there are not enough teaching aids and materials to help you. English lessons should be very basic and clear as a lot of the students have learning problems and have had a difficult childhood. The children are always keen to learn and love to know new and exciting facts. By learning English at a young age the children will be presented with more opportunities which will lead brighter future in regards to work and further education.


Lessons begin at 8.00 am and finish 2.00pm, you will be teaching certain subjects and will be given a time table of lessons that you will need to attend. Any extra time that you can give to the school whether it is to help with other subjects or to assist with sports would be much appreciated.


Although government schools in Tanzania are free to attend, the children do have to pay a contribution to supplement resources. As many cannot afford this there is a severe lack of teaching materials, books and pens for the children. The school is unable to provide you with any teaching aids so bringing teaching books, worksheets and any other useful interactive teaching aids. Apart from that, the school lacks sports equipments for its different sports teams.

Special Points

Rubanda Primary School has also a nursery school. It can thus receive volunteers for both nursery and primary levels simultaneously. In addition to the above, the school has football, netball, volleyball, handball and athletics teams. Volunteers interested and skilled in these fields can contribute a lot to the development of sports and games at that school and in the area!

Additional information