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volunteer intern vocational training tanzania africaTanzania is facing huge youth unemployment as more than 45% of the population is less than 14 years old. At the same time, basic education is developing and more people could be available from the informal job sector to the formal sector. A growing economy is creating job opportunities specifically in the service sector but there is a lack of basic education people to be able to work. Even creating jobs for urban societies the basic approach still needs to be in the agricultural job sector as that is the only way to feed the growing population and to keep people busy.

Art in Tanzania runs rather than an extensive adult vocational training program aiming to ease people to find formal sector jobs.

Location: Dar es Salaam, Karatu, Moshi, Zanzibar

Adult English – There is a great demand for Adult English education in all our locations as this is one important skill to get a job. Students vary from secondary school-age children and adults at different levels. Volunteers for this project need to be able to plan and prepare the lessons without the help of a teacher. The classes are usually two hours in the afternoons from Monday to Friday. If there are enough volunteers and depending on the skills and number of the students, the class can be divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced level groups. The classes are free for the participants to attend, so this means there are limited resources.
Thus any teaching books, exercises, flashcards and interactive games that volunteers bring with them are very useful. This has proven to be a very rewarding project. Volunteers will have the opportunity to establish friendships with the local people and see the local culture and way of living in a totally different light.

Hotel management (Karatu) – This school is focused on hotel and restaurant job skills. Volunteers can teach subjects related to hotel services including cookery, housekeeping, reception, customer services, business Volunteer in vocational training in Africamanagement, basic computers, accounting, and tourism marketing. However, there is also an emphasis on teaching English, as it is an important tool in communicating with tourists.

Sober Houses (Zanzibar)- There are 3 sober houses that help people to recover from drug and alcohol additions and offer them a new beginning of life. One sober house is focused on arts, but any activities and skills volunteers can offer for the groups are welcome. Language skills like Italian and German are also important due to Zanzibar having a lot of tourists from these countries. Previous volunteers have found these placements very rewarding due to the enthusiasm of the groups to learn and meet international volunteers.

Design, marketing, product development, quality control (Dar es Salaam) - There are several organizations in Dar es Salaam that provide vocational training in tailoring, handicrafts, weaving, etc. These organizations are in dire need of support in design, product development, quality control, and other relevant skills.

Business skills (Dar es Salaam) – Due to unemployment is very high, many people opt to start their own business, many without any relevant skills or proper planning. Ideally, participants in this program have experience in entrepreneurship or running a small business and can run classes for a few weeks.

Computer skills, mobile applications, and social media – We offer free computer skills and basic office programs (word, excel, ppt, etc.) training in our Dar es Salaam premises. Smartphones and tablets are becoming available, people are interested in learning more about different mobile applications and social media skills.

Women's groups (Zanzibar) – we are committed to promote gender equality and help women to become more independent in supporting themselves and their families. At the moment there is an active women's group in Zanzibar, but we are working also on other similar programs. These placements require volunteers to be quite independent and having skills that can benefit women's groups. Please contact us for more details on this program.

Internship in vocational Training in AfricaYou can participate in Dar es Salaam, Karatu, Moshi and Zanzibar. Each location will provide a unique experience while operating under an NGO in Tanzania. Placements are typically 1 to 6 months but can also be adjusted for individual programs.

Vocational training placements are tailored to the skills and interests of each individual participant and in case of interns the education requirements of each University and the needs of the NGO (Art In Tanzania).

The participants will be working as part of the Art in Tanzania team or/and possible partner organization team.

An in-country Coordinator is available to assist the participant from the first day of arrival until the end of their participation. Upon arrival, our staff will show you around the local area, help you settle into the volunteer house and help you get started on your chosen placement. The Program Coordinator will also be the person responsible for designing the individualized placement.

Please don't expect to find the same structure, standards, and attitudes as in your home country. Also, we have many different adventure tours and cultural events to add to your stay in Africa.
A more detailed description of any individual volunteering/internship is available upon request.

Vocational Training

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