Youth Reporters

UNICEF volunteerThe Children's Agenda program supported by UNICEF, includes interesting option where the youth are to act as journalist to give visibility of their own issues whether it is in the school or in the society elsewhere. The program is partners include UNICEF, SOS, PLAN and other well known NGOs.

Most of the Tanzanian youth have a future hindered of poverty and related issues. It is important that people hear their voices as well as they have a channel to express themselves.

Art in Tanzania Youth Reporters program is structured as follows:

• Volunteers and Interns open youth journalists groups in the school and communities
• Participants train and assist the youth to produce articles with photographs
• Art in Tanzania is seeking media channels to publish their articles whereby the AIT social media program is a key channel.

This program is a great over boarders program that fits the social, media and similar sector approaches.

An in country Coordinator is available to assist the participant from the first day of arrival until the end of their participation. Upon arrival our staff will show you around the local area, help you settle into the volunteer house and help you get started on your chosen placement. The program Coordinator will also be the person responsible for designing the individualized placement.

Please don't expect to find the same structure, standards and attitudes as in your home country. Also we have many different adventure tours and cultural events to add to your stay in Africa.
A more detailed description of any individual volunteering / internship is available upon request.

Youth Reporters

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