Music Production & Mzuka Records

Music production volunteerArt in Tanzania has a record label called Mzuka Records, which nurtures talent and encourages all musicians to speak out about important issues facing today’s youth. Mzuka Records has a recording studio located at Bahari Beach, Dar es Salaam. Famous Tanzanian musicians are working at the studio including Mambo Jambo, who combine African Hip Hop and traditional African sounds with modern Western music influences, and Sanaa Sanaa, a Tanzanian traditional music band consisting of ten highly talented members who blend their individual talents and the modern sounds to create new, never before heard sounds in Africa.

Besides recordings, Art in Tanzania produces music videos and provides PA systems for live performances. Art in Tanzania also helps with the music marketing and promotion of undiscovered artists.  As a volunteer, you can assist in the program by working in the studio as an artist and producer as well as in promotion efforts by assisting in marketing.

As there is no music education in Tanzanian schools, Mzuka records are active in developing music curriculum for local schools. This includes music theory, playing instruments, and traditional African drum and dance lessons. Volunteers interested in the music program should have a general interest in music and knowledge of music theory is a plus.

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