Children Living With Disabilities

volunteer disabled children program TanzaniaIn Moshi, in Kilimanjaro, there are several projects with schools where volunteers and interns attend physically and mentally handicapped children. The age of the children varies from nursery up to secondary school-aged students and young adults. The schools we work with are government schools, which means that they have a set curriculum. The subjects taught are the same as in any other school: English, Mathematics and Sports, and any other school subject that the volunteer has sufficient knowledge about such as Music therapy. The school provides the volunteer with a schedule that shows when certain subjects need to be taught.  Typically the schools are open from early morning until the afternoon, but volunteers teach only a few hours a day.  Even though the schools are government schools, they have very limited resources. Any donation, from pencils to notebooks, and teaching aids are very welcome.

Volunteer and internship work in Africa is challenging, and it will be even more so with physically and mentally handicapped children. The work requires a large commitment from the volunteers, but the experience is very rewarding.  For this project, we are looking for volunteers who are able to commit for at least a four-week period in order to ensure continuity and stability.

Volunteering and internship with children with disabilities are also one of Art in Tanzania's priorities in the Children's Agenda program. When participating you will be part of the program implementation and you can also give your say in the program planning and reporting.

Working with disabled people


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