Football coaching in TanzaniaArt in Tanzania also places volunteers interested in doing sports coaching with the local children in Dar Es Salaam.  The children are enthusiastic to participate in any activity. The favorite sport is by far football, but it is also possible to introduce new sports. On Zanzibar, for example, volunteers have introduced gymnastics and capoeira.

You will need to be energetic and also be patient and command enough control over the large groups of children. Often the only language the children speak is Swahili therefore brushing up on useful Swahili phrases will be very useful and the in-country staff will be happy to assist with this.  The age of the children varies and if there are enough kids and enough volunteers, the group can be divided. Typically the older ones prefer a more serious football game while the younger ones are up for shorter and simpler games.  We encourage volunteers to implement more structured coaching, which includes a warm-up, in the beginning, an hour or more of sports, and stretching in the end.  Of course, being creative and incorporating different games and techniques will make the coaching more enjoyable for everyone!

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