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medical volunteering and internships AfricaArt in Tanzania works in partnership with clinics and hospitals in the Moshi and Dar es Salaam area. Typically, we do not place volunteers at a medical placement unless they are a fully qualified nurse or doctor or currently attending Med School. So it is important for you to let us know, what you will be able to do, so we can arrange the best medical placement for you.

The medical projects are either working in a hospital or performing home visits. There are both governmental and private hospitals in Tanzania, the difference usually being governmental hospitals are cheaper and offer free medication for pregnant women and children under the age of five, while private clinics do not. The type of hospital volunteers are placed in will depend on the skills of the volunteer and the needs of our partner hospitals.

We also offer medical placement home visits in the rural area near Moshi to check on patients at home.  Tasks will include assisting in diet decisions and ensuring that the patient has taken the medication. Weaker patients may also need assistance in feeding and bathing.

Many hospitals are open 24 a day/seven days a week but medical placement schedules vary by location and hospital. Typically volunteers go to the hospitals in the morning and stay through until the mid-afternoon though it may be possible to have a night shift.

There is a need for qualified and skilled volunteers, therefore it is essential that the volunteers at our medical placements be fully committed to the work.  When interested in volunteering in a hospital, Art in Tanzania will need to see a CV from the volunteer plus any qualifications in order to match a suitable hospital with the skills of the volunteer. It is important to be aware of the differences in the African health sector compared to Western standards and we advise doing some research on the topic in advance. Most hospitals lack resources therefore any equipment used in a hospital is welcome.  The volunteers will need to wear a white hospital uniform.

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