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Mzuka Records logoMzuka Records, Art in Tanzania’s record label supports Tanzanian artists and musicians in their struggles to make their dreams possible. Mzuka Records nurtures its talent and encourages all musicians to speak out about important issues facing today’s youth.

Musicians can record and practice their craft at our studio. We also provide professional audio systems for live performances and music marketing or promotions for undiscovered artists. Please contact us for more details on live performance support. We host talent shows throughout Tanzania to discover new acts. We give opportunities to those that otherwise would not have had them, such as homeless children, orphans and young people in remote villages. Most schools in Tanzania do not offer any training in music or the arts. Mzuka Records partnered with the local community in providing music education programs to as many students as possible.

Art in Tanzania believes that music enables artists to express themselves through the development of their talent.

Music also clearly communicates messages about pressing Tanzanian social issues such as HIV/AIDS Awareness and poverty. We are proud of all the artists that have now found success storied through Art in Tanzania, and we are grateful to the volunteers and interns in our music and entertainment sector. Volunteering and internships with Tanzanian artists have become a life lasting experience for some of our AIT alumni.

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