Volunteer in Tanzania, Africa

Volunteering (Photo courtesy of Anthea den Hollander)Art in Tanzania welcomes volunteers and interns all year long to work in the sectors of education, Social works, medical care, orphan care, construction, sports, HIV/AIDS awareness, arts and music, film making, journalism and social media in Tanzania, Africa. Volunteers typically participate in one project in the morning and another project in the afternoons; however, some projects last all day. The schedule can be tailored and gives you the opportunity to work with different people in different environments. During the weekends, volunteers have free time to explore their surroundings. You can go to the beaches, visit the local markets and spend time with other volunteers. Additionally, you enjoy Art in Tanzania special priced volunteer's safaris and to climb the Mt UNICEF Children AgendaKilimanjaro.

Our new program UNICEF Chidren Agenda offers many interesting volunteering and internship opportunities. You also learn networking with other partner NGO's as Save the Children, SOS International, Plan International among others.

Volunteering is a very independent job. This means that the results depend on how much time and effort the volunteer puts in the projects. In previous years volunteers have organized football competitions and fundraising nights with the funds going to an Art in Tanzania project of choice. This all happened through the activity of an individual volunteer, and things like this could happily be organized more in the future. Anything extra you are able and willing to do for the local community is highly appreciated. The community is the best helped by a volunteer who is enthusiastic and ready to make that extra step.

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