Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) means improving the visibility of your website in search engines natural (free) search listings. Generally the higher a site appears in natural search results the more visitors it will get. To increase the number of visitors the Art site gets we should make carefull use of search keywords throughout the site. A keyword is a single word from within a search phrase. In the phrase "cordless phone" the individual keywords are "cordless" and "phone".

General SEO guidance:

  • Keywords should be no more than 5 % of the content on the page. This includes page and menu titles, URLs and image descriptions as well as the main content block.
  • Don’t add lists of keywords to pages. Keywords should only appear in grammatically correct sentences
  • Only use keywords that are relevant to content on that page: e.g only put safari on safari pages
  • Avoid changing URLs. Search engines like pages with a long history. If you change the URL a search engine will think it's looking at a new page.
  • Don’t try to be too clever with your SEO. Search engines change their rules frequently to catch spammers out.
  • Over the long term, search engines reward sites with the most relevant content for a particular search term. If you want to rank higher for a particular term you should add more content that is useful for people searching for the term.
  • Don’t bold individual words
  • Do put keywords into the image descriptions but make sure they are relevant to the image and in a grammatically correct sentence – the description must make sense to people who use a screen reader or search engines will ignore it.
  • Do add a meta description to each article (This field appears at the bottom of the front end editor). The meta description does not show on the page but is seen by search engines. It is a summary of what the article is about that contains keywords relevant to the article in grammatically correct sentences.
  • Do add a list of the keywords contained in the article - the current list of English keywords is below. Only include the keywords that are relevant for your article's content.

Specific keyword notes for

The English keywords used on the site are:







Dar es Salaam


Masai Land




East Africa

responsible safari

community development

not for profit

  • Volunteer is a more popular search term than volunteering
  • Intern is more popular than internship
  • Use Wildebeest migration not great migration on safari pages
  • Use Tanzania and Africa in sentences when they make sense – and see 5% rule above
  • Google Adwords keyword tool is helpful for selecting new key words


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