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Hadija Activity

Hadija 1Hadija is the Compound activities organizer and assisting you at the schools and orphanages

Hadija, Activity Team Lead

John Activity

John 1

John is studying and managing the services at the compound as well as taking over more tasks as finishing his education

John, Activity, and services

Edward Busungu

Edward has been working for Art in Tanzania for 10 years. He has

Edward, Director of Busungu Community Center in Dar and manages the Zanzibar tasks

Lameck Laurenti

Lameck 1Lameck is professional filmmaker who is confident with Camera and Editing Software

Lameck Laurenti, Media Team Lead

Yuster Nyakachara

Yuster 1Yuster is a dancer and movie maker. She is also an organization director.

Yuster Nyakachara, Art Sector Team Lead

Ruth Mgula

Ruth 1Ana Ruth is a passionate social work professional. The free time she listens to the latest music on the radio.

Ruth Mgula, Social Sector Team Leader

Dismas Mushi

Dismas 1

Mr. Dismas is taking care of all participant issues. He is a business sector professional and great contact to get to the Tanzania corporations.

Dismas Mushi, Business Sector Team Lead and Managing Director

Eva Kitchen

Eva 1Eva is running the kitchen operations with Mama Nema.

Eva, Kitchen operations

Maria Kajigli

Maria 1Ms. Maria is an environmentalist keen on Climate Change issues. 

Maria Kajigli, Environmental sector graduate and team lead for Environmental and Sustainability Programs

Francis Hoti

Francis 1Francis is organizing your placements in schools and orphanages among others. Francis is also a safari guide, great with bird watching and in forestry issues.

Francis Hoti, Project Coordinator, Dar es Salaam

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