How to edit forms

These are the instructions for adding a field to any of the forms:

  1. In the administration backend, go to Components > RSForm Pro > Manage Forms, then select the form you want to edit.
  2. To add a form field, click a link on the left ("Checkbox group" will add a list with individual tick boxes)
  3. Fill in the fields like so:
    • name: a short word to identify the option e.g "optional-extras" (Only input the name for each field once - don't edit it later, if you do stuff will break)
    • caption: what you want the user to see in the left column, e.g. "Book an optional extra activity"
    • items: one choice per line, e.g. "Mikumi (450US$)" and "Ruaha (940 US$)"
    • Flow: choose "vertical" to make the options appear vertically - it looks better
  4. Click "Save" next to the fields you just filled in
  5. To add your new field(s) to the thank you screen click the "Edit Form" tab, then choose "Edit the Thank You Message". You will see the template for the message shown after you complete the form. You  need to add a new tag for each new field. Follow the format of the fields already there. You must put in the exact name you gave your field when you created it. For example, if you called the field "optional-extras", then the template should contain the tags {optional-extras:caption} and {optional-extras:value}. Click "Save"
  6. On the "User Emails" and "Admin Emails", click the "Edit the Email Text" and repeat step 5 to add the new field to the confirmation email sent to the user and to AIT.
  7. Preview the form
  8. Test it by filling it out yourself and checking that you get the confirmation email with the right contents.

Additional information