The Children's Agenda and Rights

Art in Tanzania: Children's Agenda Program

UNICEF Children Agenda

The Children's Agenda and Rights program in Tanzania offers various internships and volunteering opportunities for Tanzanian participants.

Our Children's Agenda program needs a large number of volunteers and interns in sectors of:

  • Social Work (program planning, implementation, reporting, and  training)
  • Early Education (Teachers)
  • Health & Medical & HIV AIDS (all areas of the medical & health profession)
  • Social Media (Journalism, Photography, Filmmaking, Music, Sound design)
  • Program Management (Development Studies, NGO networking, and support)
  • Grant Writing (to assist with program funding)

Our program offers participants an excellent opportunity to learn how NGOs work in a developing country.

The Children's Agenda

The Children's Agenda is a coalition of organizations, government, and other partners who are committed to advocating for children's rights. The coalition also actively collaborates, develops, and implements a national advocacy strategy for child rights in Tanzania. The collaboration can also help to ensure the national reach and impact of the child advocacy agenda. Our work for children’s rights is often advocated through partnerships with governments, civil society organizations, development partners, the media, and in the private sector. 

The TOP Ten Investments for the Children’s Agenda define the core messages and focus of the agenda. The Top Ten Investments include


1. Invest to Save the Lives of the Children and Women
2. Invest in Good Nutrition
3. Invest in Better Hygiene and Sanitation in Schools and Health Facilities
4. Invest in Early Childhood Development
5. Invest in Quality Education for All Children
6. Invest to Make Schools Safe
7. Invest to Protect Infants and Adolescent Girls from HIV
8. Invest to Reduce Teenage Pregnancy

9. Invest to Protect Children from Violence, Abuse, and Exploitation

10. Invest in Children Disabilities

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