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Sanaa Sana (in English ”more art”) is an all-star combination of 8-12 Tanzanian musicians and dancers. Their performance is a breath-taking combination of passionate dance and drumbeats, dictated by a Tanzanian-Congolese tribal undercurrent. The group, which was founded in the year 2009, fuses traditional Ngoma music with contemporary African rhythms, taking the listener into soundscapes of rumba, dombolo, afro blues and jazz.

Sanaa Sana & Totoo Zebingwa have released one CD together in 2013.Experienced members of the group have been performing several times in different parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe. The lead singer is the famous Totoo Zebingwa, winner of the award for the best song in the BBC Swahili Africa 2007 Contest. The dance group is fronted by dynamic Yuster Nyakachara, winner of the award for the best dancer at the SADEC Festival in 2001.

Also, other members come from well-respected brands with fans all over East Africa. This impressive list of groups includes Akudo Impact, Diamond Sound, Diamond Muzika, Zemkala, Sisi Tambala, Simba Theatre Group, and many others. Band members have developed their art through the music of artists such as Youssou Ndour, Papa Wemba, Brenda Fassi, Michael Jackson, George Benson, Bob Marley, Miriam Makeba, Angelique Kidjo, and Selif Keita.

Bahari Beach Show 21Sanaa Sana's singers, together with Totoo Zebingwa, are Bijoux Hamad and Dona Kabongo Joseph. The percussionist Henry Zachariah Kaboye, playing the traditional Tanzanian drums, is a multi-talented artist with experience in dance, music, and theatre. Another important figure in the band is French Kabangi Ngoy on the lead guitar, also taking part in singing and songwriting. Dekanto Ndombasi Mukoko is the group bassist and Kibyakibya Mwenebanta the western drummer.

Sanaa Sana is fronted by a group of well-recognized dancers. Yuster Nyakachara, Mary Happygod Simon and Agnes Damian Joseph have credentials performing with bands such as Sisi Tembala and Zemkala. The dancers have performed all over the world as far afield as China, UK, Finland, and the Netherlands.Bahari Beach Show 19

Live performances are where the magic of Sanaa Sana resides. These talented, energetic musicians steer their show onwards with a practiced hand. Sanaa Sana mesmerizes audiences with its fresh sounds and magical rhythms, making the call to dance hard to resist. Inspiration is found in joy, love, Africa and simple daily life! Everyone is free to compose and each member gets inspiration from one another. This is the Sanaa Sana’s spirit!

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