Importance of clean Drinking Water 

The program Objectives are to:

  • To introduce solar-based water purification units
  • To produce affordably priced drinking water for the school and communities
  • To facilitate borehole drilling when necessary

The program Goals are to:

  • Reduce missed school hours due to waterborne illnesses
  • Reduce missed working hours due to waterborne illnesses
  • Reduced rate of waterborne diseases and epidemics and death rate
  • Reduced rate of waterborne infant mortality

This program serves as a more extensive program pilot and includes water kiosks in three Tanzanian schools to demonstrate the business plan for further expansion.

The selected schools have water available, and the task is to purify water with solar based water filtration unit. As a result, clean drinking water is sold for students and families at bout ¼ of the cost of commercially bottled water.

The water kiosk program will be thereon expanded to other schools and communities.

The pilot water treatment unit will produce 3,500 litres of clean drinking water per day and cater to about 3-4,000 students.

The investment cost is about EUR 7,000, and we look for EUR 100+ donations per donor to reach the goal.

Contact us to get the bank account info and more information.

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