Bird-watching forest adventures are part of the Art in Tanzania sustainable travel programs. Taking part in this beautiful, sustainable adventure trip, you help us to raise funds for the NGO community work as we operate as a self-sustainable entity.

We have two excellent destinations for the Bird watching day trip: the Pande Game Reserve and the Pugu Hill Forest Reserve, along with trekking in these grand old forests. At Pugu, you can go canoeing as well.

One-day trip EUR 140 – contact us for more information.

Bird Watching Forest Adventure at Pande Game Reserve

Pande Game Reserve is an Eastern African Coastal Forest area in the Dar es Salaam Region. It was titled a Game Reserve in 1990. It covers 1,226 ha between 80 – 126 metres above sea level encompassing undisturbed forest, scrub, grassland and woodland. Pande Game Reserve is part of the Eastern Arc / Coastal Forest Biodiversity Hotspot, one of the world’s highest-priority areas for biodiversity conservation. Pande has also been classified as an ‘Important Bird Area’ by Birdlife International.

Pande Game Reserve – located just less than an hour’s drive from the Art in Tanzania Compound on the northwest, this is a relatively easy day trip.Forest

Bird Watching Forest Adventure at Pugu Hill Forest Reserve

The Pugu Forest Reserve is a forest reserve in Pwani Region, Tanzania. It is in the Pugu Hills area, near Dar es Salaam, adjacent to the Kazimzumbwi Forest Reserve. Together with Kazimzumbwi, the Pugu Forest (previously known as Mogo Forest) is considered one of the oldest forests in the world. The area is characterized by a large variety of animals and plants endemic species. Activities at Pugu Hill include bird watch trekking, visits to bat caves and canoeing.Adventure 

We also have abundant bird life at the Volunteer Compound Art in Tanzania. Overall, many bird-watching sites in the coastal region have different fauna and ecosystems. 

Tanzania is also a temporary home for many migrating bird species, so that you may get surprise sightings anytime. 

If you are looking for bird watching in a safari adventure, the Ruaha safari is an excellent option all year round.

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