Medical Nursing and Public Health Volunteering and Internship

Art in Tanzania helps the small community clinics, the Public Health Programs in the villages, and larger hospitals. Tanzania’s healthcare is missing professional medical staff. You can assist in developing healthcare while gaining incredible experience working in a developing country with limited medical facilities. The Art in Tanzania community medical support team works in Dar es Salaam. When you participate in the Madale village medical support program, we can arrange for you to work in the small village clinics and a larger hospital nearby. The public health program mainly focuses on helping the village communities with nutrition, sports and exercise, art therapy and sustainability. Tanzanian pharmacies are far from Western standards; small village pharmacies need training and advocacy. The medical program also includes sexual education and HIV/AIDS counselling, advocacy, events, and testing. Contact us for more information. Apply for the program.

Working at Medical Clinics

Work closely with small community dispensaries, large hospitals, and pharmacies to deliver vital Western medical information and experience to Tanzania. Help patients with medical concerns, learn from Tanzanian doctors and nurses, and engage in hands-on practical experience.

Typical prominent hospital clinical work placement includes Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Emergency, Radiology, Laboratory, Ambulance, Psychiatry, Psychology, Orthopedic, Ent, Pharmacy and CTC.

Public Health Advocacy 

Visit primary and secondary schools, raise awareness on the value of proper nutrition, sports and exercise, and teach students about sexual education, including HIV and AIDS, oral hygiene, and other health issues.

We do not need to register you with the government medical registrar for public health programs. You can also participate and commonly receive follow-up experience in the clinics.

Sports Medical Specialists

You assist at the top youth development and sports teams in physiotherapy, public health topics and the psychology sector. 

You can joint the youth sports development programs and work with the top Tanzania football teams.

Join to assist the Tanzania medical sector to develop. Fill in the application form.