About Us

Art in Tanzania International volunteer and internship travel program has empowered Africa since 1996. Our Mission is to strengthen Tanzanian communities, encourage sustainable growth, and raise awareness on crucial topics such as human rights, environmental and social sustainability and African arts. 

La nostra Vision è sostenere lo sviluppo lavorativo auto-sostenibile delle comunità, per assicurare lo svolgimento dei nostri programmi nel lungo periodo.

Our visiting volunteers and interns empower our everyday work while gaining unforgettable experiences living and working in Africa.

Our home base is in Madale Village in Dar es Salaam, connecting schools, hospitals, local businesses, and the Tanzanian government. We operate within the community. We have the standing, resources, and vision to inspire real African change. While empowering our work, you can enjoy low-cost volunteer safari and tour programs we perform to fundraise for our activities. We also educate EU countries about volunteering and internship practices. We work together with our sister entity, Green Works Africa.

Art in Tanzania offers international volunteering internship programs in various subject areas, from human rights to climate change to NGO management. During the internship, participants will join in one or several of the many ongoing projects and have the opportunity to pursue new initiatives in their area of interest.

We encourage interns to bring skills and knowledge they have built at university and in life and apply them to real-world situations in Africa. You engage abilities such as problem-solving, teamwork, organisation, and creativity.

Contact us and apply.

Art in Tanzania International volunteer internship travel in Africa.