Community Psychology Volunteering and Internship

We are looking for open-minded, passionate, and hardworking individuals to join the Art in Tanzania Psychology internship. In the program, we encourage students to apply knowledge and skills built at university in a wide range of community-orientated topics at the grassroots level in Africa.

 The Development tasks include working closely with members of the community who need the help most, such as children in poverty, children and youth living with disabilities, orphaned children, unemployed youth, women in poverty, people with HIV, people recovering from trauma, people recovering from addiction, and the elderly. It also includes being part of other ongoing projects such as education, women’s assistance, human rights, and corporate social responsibility. Psychology can be a helpful asset in our approaches to these topics. Bring skills and tools to empower the local community around you and to help us create a more significant impact in our different programs.

Contact us for more information or apply to the program.

School Psychology

You assist students facing various problems affecting their school attendance and educational development in our education programs.

Clinical Psychology

Assisting in village dispensaries and larger hospitals. Working with inpatients who have faced traumatizing situations, suffering from HIV, older people and mental and other problems in the medical program.

Sports Psychology

We are working with a football youth academy development programs and with the top Tanzanian footballers in the Youth football academy program. Also, using sports as a healing tool in the community.

Human Rights Psychology

Psychological approach helping children, women and society members in common to heal after facing human rights violations.  Also, including domestic violence issues against women and children.

Community-Based Rehabilitation

Assist and support children living with disabilities. The program takes place in a community rehabilitation centre, and it includes various types of psychological approaches.

Other Psychology Programs

We tailor your tasks based on your present study level and earlier experience. For example, in a developing country, we have a wide range of needs with groups such as HIV, trauma, drug rehabilitation and other patients.