Volunteer and Intern in Children Under School Age Programs

Art in Tanzania volunteers and interns assist impoverished African societies in developing children’s rights and under-school age education and life. We focus on working in orphanages and nursery schools.

The program has ten key investment points: Invest to Save the Lives of Children and Women, Invest in Good Nutrition, Invest in Better Hygiene and Sanitation in Schools and Health Facilities, Invest in Early Childhood Development, Invest in Quality Education for all Children, Invest to Make Schools Safe, Invest to Protect Infants and Adolescent Girls from HIV, Invest to Reduce Teenage Pregnancy, Invest to Protect Children from Violence, Abuse, and Exploitation and Invest in Children with Disabilities. Contact us for more information or apply to the program.

The UNICEF-led NGO team initiated the program. 

Orphanage Assistance

Interns and volunteers assist the orphanages in education, training programs and other activities. These orphanages are for children who have lost their parents or whose parents are not capable of taking care of their children. In the orphanages, you also work with our medical sector team.

Nursery Schools

They are assisting the village-level nursery school operations. The nursery schools we attend are for low-income families that cannot afford to get educated teachers for their children. In Tanzania, nursery schools are education oriented as that is the key focus to help their children to start primary education at the same level as middle-class families. This work will take place jointly with our education team volunteers.

Youth Reporters

Volunteers and interns use their cameras and smartphones to produce short film clips with children where they explain their hopes, problems and daily issues. These clips are then published to raise the children’s voices and opinions to alert society to listen to the children.

Children’s Rights

Like children in Africa, Tanzanian children still face problems in the form of child labour, domestic violence, lack of protection and proper living conditions. The list of issues to work with is long, and volunteers can give meaningful assistance to help the children in the community. Children’s rights issues are part of Art in Tanzania’s Human Rights focus.