Tom Mohn

Mt Kilimanjaro climb testimonialDuring February 2014 I did 2 weeklong trips to Tanzania. During these 2 weeks, I climbed up to Uhuru Peak on Mt Kilimanjaro and had a safari in Serengeti and N'gorongoro. The staff and guides from Art in Tanzania were extremely helpful during the 10 days long climbing & safari trip.

I was quite impressed with the staff's knowledge of English and their skills to socialize with the people from Europe and other parts of the world. Some of our climbing group felt tired and was not sure if they were able to continue the climbing at some points. But due to the experience and knowledge of our guides, these climbers were helped to make a proper decision whether to continue or to stop due to the mountain sickness.

To sum up, I would definitely recommend Art in Tanzania if you are visiting Tanzania and plans to climb up Uhuru Peak or getting on safari into Serengeti and N'gorongoro.

Thanks to the experienced guidance I was feeling safe during the whole trip and would definitely choose them again if I later in my life plan to visit Mt Kilimanjaro or to go to a safari again.

Sincerely, Mohn Tom Eric, CEO of Ab Moonway Oy, Turku, Finland.

Aimee May

All the amazing people I met along the way - I've definitely made some friends for life. One weekend we took a boat to Coral Island, which was amazing - white sands and gorgeous water. It felt as though we were the only group on the island. We also went to Zanzibar one weekend. The spice tour was really good - I'd recommend it to anyone taking a trip to Zanzibar.

Aimee May, United Kingdom

Angi Weidmann

Just want to encourage anyone considering going to Tanzania to DO IT! I had so much fun there. The kids are darling and I especially loved my adult English class. Everyone was so kind helpful which went long ways towards making this an amazing experience. You are doing amazing work here and I'm so glad I could be part of it.

Angi Weidmann, USA

Tanja Lucas

I had a really good time and I think the team leaders are doing a great job. Booking of tours and safaris through Art in Tanzania was very helpful. We enjoyed everything. Thanks so much for your work.

Tanja Lucas, Germany

Ruth Leckenby

I had an amazing time here and will definitely be back. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. Really good work of all volunteers, team leaders and staff! Overall fantastic experience. Asante Sana!

Ruth Leckenby, United Kingdom