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Sponsorship of Students & Projects in Tanzania

Sponsor a child 1Sponsoring an individual or a project is a great way to ensure your hard work as a volunteer for Art In Tanzania is continued. Often you’ll come across children or students who have the determination, ambition and skill to take their studies further. This guide is to help you make your decision before you actually hand over any money to an independent project or one through Art In Tanzania, as there are a few things you should know.

Why Sponsor?

With many of the projects and students that AIT is involved with, longevity is an issue which is often over looked. Giving up your time to work on the projects we provide makes a huge difference, but once you return home, sometimes students are left studying at a facility that is below their level. Sponsoring students is a great way to eSponsor a child 2nsure their future in education continues. By sponsoring a student, helping with school fees, helping with books/stationary/uniforms you can help a student to continue their studies, whether it’s on a nursery level or a college level, it makes a big difference and helps an individual  to get a better or continuous education.

You might also want to support a project’s development, whether it’s buying a single desk for a school or enough paint to paint the outside of a classroom, even building a school from scratch. All of this can be done and have a big impact on a school/project.

However, it’s important to remember there is a difference between sponsoring someone and just handing out money.

Why Sponsor  a Student Through Art In Tanzania?

Sponsor a child 3bIf you’ve been considering sponsoring someone in Tanzania we strongly recommend you approach a team leader from AIT. There’s a chance you may have been asked by one of your students for sponsorship or financial help and by working with Art In Tanzania we can help you sponsor a student.

There are many benefits by working through AIT.

We can use our database of local schools (nursery, primary, and secondary, higher education) to find a suitable school for a student. We have local knowledge and can easily find an institution that suits the person being sponsored.

We can also help you with the details of the fees; so what is included in your donation and what isn’t included. In the past, volunteers who have tackled sponsorship on their own have often been conned into paying far too much or paying money for things that don’t even exist. We’ve also seen money disappear straight into the pockets of those sorting out the sponsorship. With AIT we guarantee that we know exactly where the sponsorship money goes.

Sponsor a child 3a

When handing over money, we make sure it goes to the right place and that cash isn’t actually given to anyone other than the person dealing with fees from the school. This way we guarantee a receipt and that 100% of the money goes to the cause.

If there is a problem we can sort it out. We can send one of our team leaders over to the school to try and sort it out. The fact that AIT has links with many schools in Dar es Salaam and the local area means that we have a good relationship with many of the head teachers, so should a problem arise we should be able to solve it. If you chose to sponsor independently with an unknown school you might face problems which cannot be as easily sorted.

We encourage those who are able to, to not rely solely on donations. Many of the sponsorship projects we oversee, we make sure that the effort is from both parties. We don’t believe it is right to hand out an unlimited amount of money to an individual, making them entirely dependent on sponsorship. By working like this we show that we’re offering help with fees etc but that it is not a ‘freebie’ or a ‘no-strings attached’ handout, work is actually required in the form of dedication and updates. This is followed up by reports from the school.

Sponsor a child 4

We encourage updates and reports. By sponsoring through AIT we always ask to hear from the school/student on the progress of the student. It is important to monitor the development and to make sure everything is running smoothly and that the student is applying him/herself to the lessons, which will be relayed back to you.

Transferring money via banks/Western Union to AIT means that you can continually support your student knowing that transferring funds won’t be a problem and that your transaction will be safe and secure.

Why Sponsor a Project Through Art In Tanzania

It may be the case that during your time with AIT you come across several projects that with correct funding could make a huge difference to the local community. Alternatively it could be that there are many projects you’d like to help out with but you don’t have enough time to personally see them through.

We recommend that you work through AIT. By sponsoring a project through Art in Tanzania you get a number of perks and benefits:Sponsor a child 5

The money for projects goes directly to the main cause, money paid for fees goes to what you say you’d like it to go towards instead of disappearing through extra hidden fees that you might incur should you chose to sponsor a project independently.

Sponsor a child 7With AIT’s 8 years working as an NGO, we have good relationships with local carpenters, electricians, plumbers and shop keepers. This means that working with local people we know the exact prices we/you should be paying. It is very easy to be ripped off with ‘mzungu prices’ when dealing independently. In all of our locations across Tanzania we have fundis and workmen that we regularly work with so we can guarantee the work will be done to a certain standard.

If you’re sponsoring a project independently from abroad it will be very difficult to get up to date reports on progress. Communication between location managers, team leaders and someone sponsoring is not a problem. Any queries can be sorted out via email and updates with photos and reports on the progress of the project can easily be sent.

AIT works with many volunteers across the country, whether you’re supporting a project from inside the country or abroad, we can provide you with help with the organisation and manual labour in the form of Sponsor a child 6volunteers. We always have volunteers who want to help on a new project and it often helps having more people working on a construction/painting project.

Further Action

As you can see, there are many benefits from working through AIT, the main perk is we work with schools, builders and that we trust, so we ensure your sponsorship will run smoothly. If you feel you want to sponsor someone independently then that is understandable, however AIT cannot provide you with any help if you encounter any problems nor can we chase up any donations or schools/students if you’re not in the country.

For more information speak to your team leader.

You can make your donation to Art in Tanzania Donation accounts in USD, Euro and Pound currencies. For further info please email Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.