Art in Tanzania offers a variety of community development programs for our volunteers to participate in. By volunteering with Art in Tanzania, you have the opportunity to experience and explore life in Africa, while contributing to the development of Tanzania’s youth and community!

Dedication and Commitment

Before you start working, it is important to think carefully about your reasons for volunteering and your expectations. By volunteering you have made a decision to give to a community and although this may prove difficult at times the community is relying on your commitment and dedication. Volunteering is hard work and you may find yourself in challenging situations that may take you out of your comfort zone. Volunteering is a character building experience… if you let it be. You will get out of your experience what you put in. Overcoming obstacles will provide you with immense satisfaction and will provide your project with the commitment and the continuity that they need and deserve.

Obviously it may happen that you want or need to change projects; this should always be done in cooperation with the Project Coordinator so that we can ensure that all of our projects are provided with the help that we promise.


You should be prepared to use you own initiative while you are working on your project. You will need to plan activities for the children such as games, sports, and music lessons. Be proactive and plan ahead. Proper lesson preparation is necessary to conduct successful classes. Information, ideas and materials are available, just talk to the Project Coordinator. You are also encouraged to help with renovation projects such as cleaning, painting, or building furniture, which are always appreciated by the community and will prove rewarding for yourself. If you need assistance in initiating these activities, the Project Coordinator will be more than happy to advise and assist you.

This is Africa

In comparison to what you are used to, things can seem slow, disorganized and illogical; this is a part of the Tanzanian culture and like it or loathe it, it is something that you will need to accept as part of your experience. These issues can be discussed with the other volunteers and Project Coordinator during the weekly meetings.

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