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Art therapy AfricaArt therapy is a form of therapy that can be used to improve mental health and well-being of anyone. As with most therapies, art therapy is generally used as a treatment for something – as a way to improve one’s emotional state or mental well-being, but expressive arts  therapy can be used to relieve stress or tension, or it can be used as a mode of self-discovery and waking up creativity.

Starting from January 2016, Expressive Arts Therapist and Teacher Kristiina McKenzie from Finland joins Art in Tanzania team in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She will bring her extensive experience to help to develop the Art Therapy program directed both for international participants and local groups.

Art therapy africa

Expressive Arts Therapy in Practice – Volunteering Program Option

This part of the Art Therapy Program is meant for participants interested in learning how to use Expressive Arts Therapy for others. You don’t need experience in practicing Art therapy, but you have already learned some of the basics, you desire to study Art therapy in the future or have started studies already you already work with groups that would benefit from Art Therapy.

In the beginning of the program you’ll go over the basics of Art Therapy and exercises and then you’ll work with a local group supervised by Expressive Art Therapist and teacher Kristiina McKenzie. It is possible to have some tailoring for the needs of the participants in the form of a group or individuals to be worked with and which form of arts to use. This part of the program can be combined with the Waking up the creativity within –course.

art therapy tanzaniaLocation: Madale village, Northern Dar es Salaam

Duration: minimum 3 weeks

Start dates for 2016:  January 4th and 18th, February 1st, 15th and 29th, March 14th and 28th, April 11th and 25th, May 9th and 23rd, June 6th and 20th.

Program cost:  Accommodation with 2 meals is 240USD/week + 300USD for your program materials and government permits.Accommodation is in shared rooms at Art in Tanzania volunteer campus, breakfast and dinner each day and supervision and guidance by professional Art Therapist. If combined with 2-day Waking up the creativity within –course add 100USD. Cost does not include transportation, tourist visa at arrival to Tanzania, travel insurance or drinks. Single and double rooms availabe with usd 60 per ween additional cost.

Expressive Arts Therapy in Practice – Internship Option

This internship program is directed to participants that already have studied the field 2-3 years and need practical experience working with a group. Participants can also be practitioners of Art Therapy who would like to volunteer their time to help a group or individuals in Dar es Salaam, Moshi or Zanzibar.

Internship can be tailored accordingly to different groups; children in poverty, children and youth with disabilities, orphaned children, unemployed youth, women in poverty, people with HIV, people recovering from trauma, people recovering from addiction, elderly, artists, teachers etc.

Participants will be guided and supervised by professional Expressive Arts Therapist and teacher Kristiina McKenzie. This Internship will require partly working independently and learning Kiswahili is beneficial for the participants as many groups do not speak English well if at all. Each participant will start in Dar es Salaam, but can move to another location after 2 weeks.

Location: Dar es Salaam, Moshi and Zanzibar

Duration: minimum 3 months

Start dates: any day between January 3rd and May 30th 2016. Otside these dates please contact us for other options.

Requirements: each participant is expected to have some level of knowledge of Art therapy (2-3 years of studies) or experience in working with groups that would benefit from art therapy. In the case of students who need internship to fulfill art therapy africacertain requirements of their school, need to communicate these requirements and give a contact within the school in advance. CV, copy of passport, passport photo, volunteer permit application, participation agreement and proof of clean criminal record if working with children.

Participation cost:  No participation cost.

230USD is required for government permits for anyone volunteering or doing an Internship in Tanzania for maximum 3 months. Immigration cost for more than 3 months stay is 580USD.

Accommodation and 2 meals per day at Art in Tanzania volunteer house with reduced price of 170USD/week. This accommodation offers you a safe environment where you can meet with other international interns and volunteers.

Participants are to cover their own transportation costs to Tanzania as well as between or within locales. Tourist visa on the arrival, travel insurance and drinks are also responsibility of the participant. 

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